What Is Yogi Bodhi?

In Our Own Words...

Joshua and I created Yogi Bodhi to share, love, learn, teach, and create mindful movement. The name Yogi Bodhi is a spin of Yoga Body. Whether it was to become more flexible, toned, fit, or simply following a doctor’s suggestion I imagine the majority of us start Yoga for some sort of physical benefit. I have seen many people start their Yoga journey in search of the so called “Yoga body”. With consistent practice you will surely begin to see physical changes and new mental reactions. There are some who are lucky enough to notice these effects even after their first session. There is something very spiritual that happens when you start to connect your body with the breath and movement. You will notice there is a greater interaction within yourself. The goal is to release your grip of the mind and ego. Start to focus on the breath. If you are able to maintain this effort while you move your body through this thing we call space and time, something magical will occur. Joshua and I call this Yogi Bodhi. Yogi meaning someone who regularly practices mind body connection. Bodhi is a Sanskrit name meaning "Awakened" or "Enlightenment." The Buddhist concept of Bodhi is a spiritual awakening and freedom from the cycle of life. Bodhi is also the name of the sacred ficus tree (ficus religiosa) under which Buddha sat and obtained his enlightenment. 

Come join us on this positive journey of love and light. As individuals we can make a difference by being the light. Emit positive energy and love to those around you. Learn how to calm the monkey mind and cleanse yourself to better move this vessel we all commute in. Stepping closer to Yogi Bodhi as an individual to help the collective consciousness. 


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Being a yogi means a lot more than the amount of time you spend on your yoga mat, it’s how you live your life. The realization that you are not only of this world but a part of this world. We are connected to one another along with every other small piece of this magical land. We should all be honoring and appreciative to all living things, ultimately stripping ourselves of the ego and attachment to all things material. 

Bodhi is a form of enlightenment. The Buddhists refer to it as the final stage of our quest to break the ongoing cycle of life. Some are afraid to break their life cycle because they know not what waits for them on the other side. Instead, I explain enlightenment as the ability to hop off the hamster wheel. Understanding your place in this world and discovering your true gifts to share. The moment you break the circle your old life will most certainly end. You’ll begin to pave your own unique path toward all the qualities of your new life that you cherish and require. By showing strength in self, compassion and understanding of all others your new found Bodhi will shine bright. Whoever is lucky enough to bask in the light of your shining presence will be shown the rewards of taking chances. They, too, will become encouraged to seek out their own form of Bodhi. Share love to receive love and may you leave this world brighter than when you first came. Enlightenment. 

Whether you start your Yoga practice in search of a fit yoga body or a calming or the mind, we hope the journey leads you to your Yogi Bodhi. We believe that sharpening the mind will help an ailing body just as much as a healthy body aides a troubled mind. Here at Yogi Bodhi our aim is to help you do both. Our gifts are creating a positive and productive space for you to better explore what your mind and body need to work as one. This union, we call Yoga.